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[NEW ALBUM] Best of Michirin Vol. 2 OUT NOW!! by Michirin9801 [NEW ALBUM] Best of Michirin Vol. 2 OUT NOW!! :iconmichirin9801:Michirin9801 15 11 Weekly Doodles - Young GrandpaWis by RandoWis Weekly Doodles - Young GrandpaWis :iconrandowis:RandoWis 303 26 Dreams Come True by OZKai Dreams Come True :iconozkai:OZKai 24 3 R-Type: Dobkeratops Pixel Art by retrobeachman R-Type: Dobkeratops Pixel Art :iconretrobeachman:retrobeachman 3 9 2nd Album Out Now! - Best of Michirin Vol. 1 by Michirin9801 2nd Album Out Now! - Best of Michirin Vol. 1 :iconmichirin9801:Michirin9801 28 18 Esher's Phantasm by mr-nerb Esher's Phantasm :iconmr-nerb:mr-nerb 52 21 Goku and Gohan Wallpaper Phone Version by BrusselTheSaiyan Goku and Gohan Wallpaper Phone Version :iconbrusselthesaiyan:BrusselTheSaiyan 9 0 The Fifth Element - SpeedPaint by oNichaN-xD The Fifth Element - SpeedPaint :icononichan-xd:oNichaN-xD 375 80 Steven Universe by oNichaN-xD Steven Universe :icononichan-xd:oNichaN-xD 11,361 1,213 The Guardian Legend by godsavant The Guardian Legend :icongodsavant:godsavant 79 29 Poliwrath Evolution by applejackles Poliwrath Evolution :iconapplejackles:applejackles 90 13 Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath by KleeNoodle Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath :iconkleenoodle:KleeNoodle 5 1 Red city by kirokaze Red city :iconkirokaze:kirokaze 390 24 062 Poliwrath by Miss-Glitter 062 Poliwrath :iconmiss-glitter:Miss-Glitter 256 18 Hinamatsuri 2 by isangkutsarangmoe Hinamatsuri 2 :iconisangkutsarangmoe:isangkutsarangmoe 1,231 36 MajiKana Cover Art (Game Demo Available) by Michirin9801 MajiKana Cover Art (Game Demo Available) :iconmichirin9801:Michirin9801 48 51


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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I'm RedFalcon696, the [H]ard Falcon!

I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery of legacy & retro computer technology, 1980s & 1990s technological culture, and all things electronic!


Cthulhu Shrine - 2017
Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph'nglui mglw'nfah Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!
(Hail! Hail! Cthulhu dreams! In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming!)

Well, in this case, great Cthulhu has taken the form of a mighty Squishable plush, and has taken to his slumber in the depths of my humble abode.
Materials to make such a fun and colourful shrine dedicated to *the* great old one, himself, are the following:

- Cthulhu Squishable from
- Cthulhu Lovecraft Scarf from
- Two 200mm green crystal orbs and wooden stands from or
- Two Night Light Ocean Wave projectors from
- Dark green folded thick towel (used for pedestal)
Game Boy Horror - SongPro MP3 - Boom Box Boy
Oh the horror! The Game Boy Horror!!
Here is a Nintendo Game Boy Horror (featured in the 2001 GameCube game, Luigi's Mansion,and powered a CPU based on the mighty 8-bit 1970s ZiLog Z80 @ 8MHz with 32KB RAM), along with a SongPro MP3 Player, and Boom Box Boy radio add-on - all from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Yes, there was officially an actual 8-bit MP3 player for the Game Boy Color!
The variant featured here is the first 8-bit version, which is quite hard to find and is compatible with both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance.

The second 32-bit version, which is a bit more common, though still rare, is compatible only with the Game Boy Advance.
The second add-on featured here is the Boom Boy Box, which allows the Game Boy Color to operate as a very small FM radio.

Both the SongPro and Boom Box Boy provide audio-out on their own 3.5mm stereo audio ports.
The SongPro is also compatible with all bit-rate variants of MP3 audio files, and has a maximum storage compatibility of 512MB across two 256MB SD cards, also featured here.

The song currently being played is "【PCE】Valkyrie the Power Beauties - Murasaki Kaze", a PC Engine style remix, from Michirin9801's amazing Vol. 1 & 2 albums found here:

2nd Album Out Now! - Best of Michirin Vol. 1 by Michirin9801 [NEW ALBUM] Best of Michirin Vol. 2 OUT NOW!! by Michirin9801……

Each volume of her music is loaded onto each 256MB SD card, is super enjoyable to listen to while being productive, and I would highly recommend picking up your copy today!
That's right, a Game Boy Horror playing a PC Engine song... who would have thunk it!
Halloween 2017
Halloween 2017 with my sister as Lydia Deetz (Beetlejuice - 1988), Beetlejuice on the NES (Twin Famicom - 1991), Compaq Portable II (1986), and myself as 1980s Business Ghoul (Creepshow - 1982).
Yes, that is a real cellular phone from 2017.

Happy Halloween!
Compaq Portable II 80286 (1986)
This unique unit was given to me back when I was in high school circa 2003, but finally got around restoring it in 2017!
This is an original Compaq Portable II 80286 from February 1986!

This was the second portable system designed by Compaq, after the original Compaq Portable, which is still 100% IBM-compatible.

This unit is running with the following hardware specifications:

- Intel 80286 16-bit CPU @ 8MHz (released circa 1982)
- Intel 80287 16-bit FPU @ 8MHz ~ 190 KFLOPS computational processing capability
- 640KB of DRAM (20-bit address bus - lower 640KB used for system memory - upper 384KB reserved for hardware - capable of Protected Mode up to 4.2MB in this unit)
- ISA 16-bit Compaq CGA Video Processor w/ 16KB VRAM
- ISA 8-bit 3COM 3C503 10BASE-T/10BASE-5 NIC from 1989 (the very first 3COM NIC to feature a built-in Ethernet transceiver)
- ISA 16-bit Winchester IDE Controller with 4GB Industrial DOM SLC SSD (~3.2MB/s on IDE bus)
- ISA 16-bit FDD Controller w/ single low-density 360KB 5.25" FDD
- ISA 16-bit Serial/Parallel I/O Card
- Type-1 MiniScribe MFM-to-IDE 10MB 3.5" HDD
- Integrated CRT Computer Monitor 80 composite green monochromatic monitor
- 65 watt AT-compatible integrated PSU
- MS-DOS 6.22 & BIOS Setup Diskette

I have to say that this is a really fun system to work with, and has quite a solid design despite it's advanced age (31 years as of 2017!).
A word of warning with the XTIDE 8-bit ISA IDE/ATA/PATA adapter, this system refused to make it past the XTIDE firmware screen, so use with caution!

The XTIDE adapter works great on nearly every other system I've set it up with, so I'm thinking that it isn't the XTIDE itself as much as it is the BIOS disk controller detection hanging up on it with the Portable II itself.
DOM IDE/PATA SSDs and compact flash adapters work great with the original controller, though, and despite the height of the Winchester IDE controller card, a short DOM SSD can fit within the enclosure comfortably without touching the outer shell after installation.

If the Tadiran TL-5104 3.6v BIOS backup battery is dead, they can be found easily on Amazon.
The one in my unit was from 1989, but must have died long ago; the battery replacement took about 10 minutes in total.

Also, the original OS to be released with this unit was MS-DOS 3.1, but it is possible to boot it with MS-DOS 6.XX as well with full functionality.
I have not tried FreeDOS, but if it can be ported to 360KB low-density 5.25" diskettes, then I would imagine it would work, too.

Stay retro!
Compaq Deskpro 8086 - Benchmarks and Software
Well now, I'm surprised to see everything this system from 1984 is capable of running!
The system is currently running either MS-DOS 6.22 as the main OS, FreeDOS 8088/8086 for newer software compatibility, and MINIX 2.0.2 for UNIX kernel and application testing and compiling.

I have setup this system with some of the mTCP networking software (special thanks to M. Brutman) and have this system acting as a full-fledged FTP server.
With the 8086 CPU @ 4.77MHz and 3COM 10BASE-T NIC, it is capable of 35KB/s upload and 25KB/s download.

It may be possible to improve the speed by upgrading the CPU to an NEC V30 or V33, which are essentially 3rd party x86 CPUs capable of the Intel 8080 ISA or 80286 performance-per-clock, respectively.
Both have a nice processing capability boost, which should result in higher transfer speeds; an 80286 or 80386 CPU accelerator board is also possible, which would improve the CPU processing capability by 30% to 100%.

While this unit does not have a soundcard, it is still capable of playing games on this luxurious amber monochromatic composite MAGNAVOX Monitor 80 from 1989.
Even Freddy Krueger enjoys playing a game or two!

The benchmark program is CheckIt, and is freely available for download online.
Disk speed with the 20MB MFM HDDs is around 50KB/s, but the 2GB Compact Flash card caps out around 150KB/s; a worthy improvement for such a venerable system.

The Intel 8087 FPU @ 4.77MHz has around 50 KFLOPS of computing capability.
While this may not sound like much by today's standards, considering a NVIDIA GTX1080 has SP FP32 computational processing capabilities of over 10 TFLOPS, back in the 1980s, a FPU in such a small system was invaluable for scientists, developers, and statistics computation.

Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5 can take full advantage of the FPU when designing 3D graphics and animation.
Computation takes around 30 seconds with only the CPU and software libraries, whereas with the FPU included, computation takes only around 9 seconds.

- AMD 8086-2 16-bit CPU was removed
- NEC V30 16-bit CPU @ 4.77MHz - 8086-compatible CPU with 8080 ISA compatibility and an 18% performance boost clock-for-clock compared to the the 8086.

With the NEC V30, the disk transfer speeds are now around 160KB/s, and FTP transfers are up from 35KB/s to 38KB/s; a modest improvement for a simple drop-in CPU upgrade.


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